The Apparitions

From 15 January to 2 March 1933, the Virgin Mary appeared eight times to Mariette Beco, a young girl aged 11 years.

The message that she gave her still remains relevant in our time.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, come, alone or in group, notably during the Triduum of the sick, to confide to Our Lady their poverties, their sufferings, their pains, their wants. They come to entrust themselves to the Mother of the Savior, and to express their confidence and their hope on Jesus Christ, the source of all graces.

Today, as she did to Mariette, the Virgin of the Poor leads each pilgrim in Banneux to the way of life. She invites them to push the hands in the water of the Spring, to discover in Jesus, the true Life.


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven! (Mt 5)

The poor today –and there are many ways of being poor!– feel at home in Banneux. They come here to find comfort, courage, hope, union with God in their affliction. I encourage the pilgrims who come here to pray to her, who, always and everywhere in the Church, reflects the face of the Mercy of God.

St. John Paul II, during his visit in Banneux (1985)